Piston Rod Air compressor exporter in india

Piston Rod Air compressor

Our company is supplier and manufacturer of different kinds of products like Piston Rings, , Oil Wiper Rings and many more at Ahmedabad in favorable price. With 19 years of extensive experience in quality manufacturing we make Air compressor exporter as valuable resource for customers etc. It is one type of connecting rod which supports piston in doing work in compressor and also able to guide, transfer force, and also seals if cooperates with sealing elements on the end surface of cylinder, Air Receiver Tank. Made From the best quality raw materials, Piston rods provides unique features such as Strong structure, higher Yield Strength, with good weld-ability, excellent performance, tolerance meet with international standards in air gas compressor. Piston Rods India We exports piston rods in an extensive collection of sizes, materials and specifications. As per customer’s requirements this rods are induction hardened or tungsten-carbide coated to resist wear and long life for the rod and rod packing. We served these products in various industries like military, food processing, chemical, automotive, construction, aerospace, medical, mechanical, food and beverage, mining, oil equipment, marine, fastener industry.

Supplier Of Piston Rod

Features Benefits
Quick Availability. Safe, Long life.
Quality Assured. Match or Exceeds Specifications for every Application
Materials - S.G.I. Confidence in Finished Product.
Exacting Specifications. Eliminates Hidden Faws & Unnecessary Breakdown.
Induction Hardening. Longer life, Lesser wear.
Affordable Price.