Piston Rings & Rider Rings

Air compressor Manufacturer

Our firm is the worldwide noticeable exporter and manufacturer of precision-made piston ring & rider rings, as well as Air Compressor supplier, Air Filter, Screw Compressor Spares based in Gujarat. Established in 1994, we have served various compressor spares in national and international market. These rings are offered in a broad range of materials to suit the specific requirements of clients. Ring materials are available in Carbon filled Teflon, Glass Moly filled Teflon, Bronze filled Teflon, Nylon and PEEK. Our wide range of piston and rider rings satisfies the varied sealing capabilities and piston support requirements for gas or air compressor to the valued clients. Unique characteristic of our rings are one-piece or segmental straight, angle cut, Step cut, twin Ring, double twin ring, and pressure balanced of compressed air in any difficult situation. Our Company specially designs these products to work in high temperature applications where riders have possibility to come loose on the piston in service. Piston rings are used to stop flow of compressed air between piston and cylinder while rider rings are used to prevent cylinder from the leakage.

Supplier Of Piston Rings & Rider Rings

Features Benefits
Materials : Metallic, Carbon, TFE, Thermoplastics Safe, Dependable, Long Life
Produced as per Exacting OEM specifications Confidence in any Finished Product
Available Lube, Nonlube Eliminates Hidden Flaws & Avoid Unnecessary Bbreakdown
Available in Standard & Non-Standard Size Match & Exceed Specifications for every Application
Custom Manufactured for Every Different operating condition Longer Life, Lower wear