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Air compressor is purported manufacturer and exporter of Air filter wide selection of air filteration system. we've large expertise of 19 years to supply these products at reasonable worth in national and international market. Pollutes within the compressed air will be harmful to the products and result in failure of compressor System. High potency Air cleaners are wide utilized in a range of fields and applications to boost the standard of air. Our company provides in depth series of Air filters that is employed to require away impurities like mud, dirt, pollen, and oil from compressed gas in compressor. For instance, the air compressor filters have found applications in building ventilation systems in engines of air crafts, air handling system, mines, cement Plants, earthmoving equipment, heavy machinery, gas compressors, captive power dg sets and a few factories etc.

Exporter of Air filter in india

Features Benefits
Low Pressure Drop Safe, Dependable, Long Life
Huge Dirt Holding Capacity Match & Exceeds Specifications for every Application
Positive Sealing Surfaces Confidence in Finished Product.
Inline Connection Eliminates Hidden Faws & Unnecessary Breakdown.
Large Sump Area Longer life, Lesser wear.
High Tensile strength Dimensional accuracy