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Gland Packing Seals & Oil Wiper Rings

We are amongst the most noticeable and reputed exporter of Gland Packing seals & Oil wiper Rings for Air compressor systems. Our company is manufacturer, supplier of Air compressor, Gland packing Seals and Oil Wiper rings in national and international market since 1994 based in Ahmedabad.

Our Company is produce high quality Gland Packing Seals which is used to keep up compressed air and gas pressure in Air Receiver tank and gland packing areas. Oil Wiper Rings is well known for maintain oil pressure and useful to prevent spreading of oil in the compressor parts.

Air-compressor Oil Wiper Rings and Packing seals made using range of resources like metal, Carbon, TFE, Thermoplastics which works correctly in high temperature and high pressure. Gland Packing seals & Oil wiper Rings of our company is usually cherished by our valuable customers because its high efficiency and zero leakage from Air Compressor.

Gland Packing Seals & Oil Wiper Rings


  • Materials : Metallic, Carbon, TFE, Thermoplastics
  • All sizes and types of packing have variable Rod & Cup sizes
  • Available Lube, Nonlube
  • Custom Manufactured for meet every Different operating Condition


  • Safe, Dependable, Long Life
  • Confidence in any Finished Product
  • Match & Exceed Specifications for every Application
  • Longer Life, Lower wear
  • High temperature resistance