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Cross Head Pins And Bushing

Air Compressor is manufacturing and exporting cross head pins and bushing which are used to reduce sideways pressure on the pistons in variety of compressors. We used high grade SG iron as material in making pins & bushings hence they have excellent reliability and durability.

Cross head pin is used in connecting the piston rod to the connecting rod and it purpose is to transform the circular motion of the crankshaft into linear motion for the rod and piston. It is tapped at the ends and held in place with caps or have no taper, freely rotate or float within bush freely and locked by rings.

Our company specializes in customizing the Crosshead Components, compressor spares, Air Compressor as per the customer’s requirements and specifications. We also supply ELGI Compressor Parts, CPT Compressor Parts, Kirloskar Compressor Parts, Screw Compressor Parts and Ingersollrand Compressor parts at affordable price to precious clients.

Cross Head Pins and Bushing

Features : Cross Head Pins And Bushing

  • Quick Availability.
  • Quality Assured.
  • Materials - S.G.I.
  • Exacting Specifications.
  • Induction Hardening.
  • Affordable Price.

Benefits :Cross Head Pins And Bushing

  • Safe, Long life.
  • Match or Exceeds Specifications for every Application
  • Confidence in Finished Product.
  • Eliminates Hidden Faws & Unnecessary Breakdown.
  • Longer life, Lesser wear.