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    Spacer Plates

Bushing, Pistons, Cross Head Pins
  Features :
bullets Strong Design.
bullets Large Inventory.
bullets CNC Machine.
bullets Custom Materials.
bullets Innovative Designs.
bullets Fully Machined Valves.
Made from Highest Quality Alloy Steels/Chrome & High Nickel Alloys.
bullets Stainless Steels 410, 420. EN -9 & Harden Steels.


  Benefits :
bullets High Quality & Performance.
bullets Precision Dimensions & Tolerances.
bullets Corrosion Proof.
bullets Prevent from Failure.
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Air Compressor exporter is engaged in manufacturing and supplying varied choice of Compressor Parts like Spacer Plates, Rider Rings, Dry Vacuum Pump, Pistons, and Connection Rods etc. It is used to maintain high pressure of air in air receiver tank, air compressor. We specially design air compressor spares that satisfy customer’s needs and requirements since 1994.


We prepare products from good quality material like Stainless steel, Nickel Alloys hence it is provides long life and needed no more maintenance. Our Spacer Plate is well known in national and international market for their highly reliability and durability in performance at economical rate.


The Spacer plate is appropriately heat proof and completely leakage proof Compressor spares. Other product like spring plates, Port Plate Frames, Inlet Delivery valves are also heated and provide high efficiency against high temperature and pressure of air.




Air Compressor Spares

 bullet Port Plates Frames & Outer
 bullet Inlet & Dlivery Valves
 bullet Cross Head Pins And Bushing
 bullet  Valve Plates / Channel
 bullet  Piston Rod
 bullet  Pistons
 bullet  Spacer Plates
 bullet  Connection Rods
 bullet  Air Filter
 bullet  Cylinder
 bullet  Crank shafts
 bullet  Gaskets
 bullet  Piston rings and Rider Rings

Air Compressor

 bullet  Heavy Duty Water Cooler  Vertical       Compressor
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