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     Single & Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pump

Single Stage Dry Vacuum Pump, Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pump, Dry Vacuum Pump

We are trusted exporter and supplier of exclusive range of Dry Vacuum Pump in market of Compressor, Compressor Spares Parts. Our Company manufactures two different types of Vacuum pump one is Single stage Dry Vacuum Pump and second is Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pump. Both Vacuum Pumps are designed to produce Vacuum upto 750 mm of HG at sea level.

Vacuum is power source which can lift, hold, compact, move, dehydrate, rotate, filter, clean and simulate, stimulate, agitate high altitude therefore it performs an essential functions in vacuum pump.

They are used to producing a vacuum and as air cooling unit in modern industrial applications which requires removing air from the filter. This compressor spare has rich features such as high strength, pressure resistance, sturdiness, longer functional life, simple, dependable and economical to operate and maintain.

It’s truly replacement of Piston type pump. Our Single Stage Vacuum Pumps have very high demand and broadly used for liquid transfer in Ceramic Industries, Paper Handling, and Laminating Plants and processing plants, vacuum forming, sugar cube manufacturing plants, printing, plastics, chemicals plants, dyes and intermediates plants, dental hospitals, laboratories, milk dairies and pharmaceutical.

The Technical Specifications of Vacuum Pump are :

MULTI STAGE COMPRESSORS (For high Pressure :17-70.30( kg/cm2 )
V1235 1.5 1.10 2 960 29 21.60
V1235T 1.5 1.10 2 960 29.6 10.80
V1244 2 1.50 2 866 29.0 34.60
V1244T 2 1.50 2 866 29.6 17.30
V1255 5 3.70 2 750 29.0 59.65
V1255T 5 3.70 2 750 29.6 29.82
V17V 7.5 5.5 2 1000 29 110
17VT 7.5 5.5 2 1000 29.6 55
115V 10 7.5 3 900 29 148.5
115VT 10 7.5 3 900 29.6 99

Air Compressor Spares

 bullet Port Plates Frames & Outer
 bullet Inlet & Dlivery Valves
 bullet Cross Head Pins And Bushing
 bullet  Valve Plates / Channel
 bullet  Piston Rod
 bullet  Pistons
 bullet  Spacer Plates
 bullet  Connection Rods
 bullet  Air Filter
 bullet  Cylinder
 bullet  Crank shafts
 bullet  Gaskets
 bullet  Piston rings and Rider Rings

Air Compressor

 bullet  Heavy Duty Water Cooler  Vertical       Compressor
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