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Air Receiver Tanks are mainly used for storing the Compressed Air. Air Receiver Tank is also used to maintain the air pressure as per the requirements of applications of plants or processing unit. We manufacture these product from very high quality materials so they have very high quality. We also made customized product as per the specific requirements of our clients.


Mainly two types as Vertical & Horizontal suitable for low or high pressure . Made from different materials for construction and different codes.


Mfg. Range :- From 30 Ltrs. to 5000 Ltrs.

bullets Max. Working Pressure :-
From 80 PSIG (10.5kg/cm2g) to 1000 PSIG (70.3 kg/cm2g)

The Air Receiver Tank is used as intermediates, storage medium between Air Compressor and other air compressor parts. it is also known as pressure vessel because it is used for pressure variations in air compressor organisms. By using Our Company’s Air receiver tank you can get minimum air consumption in Air compressor system hence systems has higher capacity of air compression.

Our firm is specialized for manufacturing, supplying  and  designing product which is satisfied requirements, demands and needs of our precious customers. We provide two types of receiver tank that are horizontal and vertical in various size and capacities of air compression. Our products has capacity from 30 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs.

Air receivers are used for below purposes:

  • Maintain equal pressure in air compressor systems
  • As buffer and storage medium of compressed air
  • Collects water from air after compressed air

Air Compressor Spares

 bullet Port Plates Frames & Outer
 bullet  Inlet & Dlivery Valves
 bullet  Cross Head Pins And Bushing
 bullet  Valve Plates / Channel
 bullet  Piston Rod
 bullet  Pistons
 bullet  Spacer Plates
 bullet  Connection Rods
 bullet  Air Filter
 bullet  Cylinder
 bullet  Crank shafts
 bullet  Gaskets
 bullet  Piston rings and Rider Rings

Air Compressor

 bullet  Heavy Duty Water Cooler  Vertical       Compressor

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